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"Go Extra" at Bishop Vaughan is our bespoke loyalty card scheme.

Our aim is to promote and encourage pupils to get involved, join clubs and have some fun.

Pupils will receive a "Go Extra" card and points/a stamp for activities attended each half term.


Completed cards will then be entered in the prize draw with awards for different categories including:

  • Try something new

  • Most dedicated  

  • Pupil leader / ambassador

  • Most enthusiastic 


Every week there are over 40 different activities and clubs available!


We want to recognise the importance of the academic, spiritual and extra-curricular opportunities available to all. The scheme helps us to celebrate and reward students who get involved, use their God given gifts and talents and have fun across the school community.

As Albert Einstein said, we are here to “awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Will you accept the challenge and “Go Extra” at Bishop Vaughan?

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