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Results Day information for Years 12 and 13 Parents and Pupils: 17th July 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

In recognition of the significance of results day for our pupils I would like to confirm the following arrangements for the collection of examination results with you. In doing so I would also like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we will be waiting with anticipation for our pupils on that day. We feel that it is more important than ever this year. This is a key moment in any pupil’s school life and we will do our very best to ensure that this experience is as safely close to the experience that they would have had, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it can be though naturally there will be adjustments to the usual protocol.

Results day for Year 12 and Year 13 pupils is Thursday 13th August.

In bringing together large groups of young people, many of whom are likely to be emotional on results day, we ask that pupils adhere to the following measures in order to minimise risk:

  • Any pupil who has COVID–19 symptoms or who have someone in their household who does should not attend school – arrangements can be made for results to be sent home by contacting the email address below.

  • We ask that pupils do not socially mix outside the school gates prior to receiving examination results or after receiving results – we recognise that this will be a challenge but would appreciate your support in discussing the importance of this with your son/ daughter.

  • Pupils are asked to arrive at their allocated entrance gate at the specified time to collect their results from the named location. Pupils will follow socially distanced markers placed on the ground which lead to the results desk. Hand sanitising stations will be available for use at the entrance gates and at exit points.

Entrance Gates will have coloured signs and are as follows:

Red – Bus Bay Gate into main school car park

Pink – Passenger Gate on Caemawr Road, near to the Music Block building

Gold – Passenger Gate on Caemawr Road, just by the Health and Wellbeing Base

  • For Year 13 pupils who require support and guidance regarding next steps, members of staff will be available in the Sixth Form Study Centre to liaise with Universities if required.

  • We politely ask that parents do not come on to the school site to minimise risk. In the interests of safety we also ask that parents do not gather at the school gate in anticipation of the results but instead make alternative arrangements to share this experience with their son or daughter.

For pupils wishing for their results posted I would be most grateful if you could email to inform us of this requirement before July 24th 2020 please (unless of course the reason for doing so is for illness prior to results day).

At this juncture I would also take this final opportunity to highlight the following information to parents which is reflective of the process that was used to generate the final grades for the qualifications which will be awarded:

  • Teachers know their students well and centres are able to assess grades with a high degree of accuracy.

  • The grades centres submitted to the exam boards were agreed by the centre following an internal quality assurance process and are not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher.

  • The standardisation model developed by qualifications Wales and the awarding organisations is statistical and may not reflect the grades submitted by the centre.

  • The standardisation process applied by the exam boards ensures grades awarded this year are consistent with those awarded to other cohorts in other years.

  • This was the fairest possible approach available under extreme circumstances. It is a rigorous process which means that grades awarded this year are as valid as in any other year.

  • This will allow pupils to progress to the next stage of their lives in the normal way.

Should you have any further queries, staff will be available to offer support on results day.

With very best wishes and sincere thanks,

Mrs Pole



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