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Applications for Aldi's 2024 Store Apprenticeship Scheme are now open. 

From Aldi's website:


Pop into an Aldi store, and you won’t see any dilly-dallying. Our people know what needs to be done, and they just get on and do it. It’s simple really, but it does take lots of drive. But if you’ve got that, our Store Apprenticeship Programmes won’t just give you a great start to our careers it will put you on the right road to success. And if you combine hard work, ambition and an ability to apply yourself to any challenge, you could make it all the way to Store Management.


For applicants with no previous qualifications you can apply for a Level 2 Retailer Apprenticeship which takes around 12-15 months to complete. You will also complete Functional Skills at Level 2 alongside this.



1. Online Application


We like to keep things  nice and straightforward. There’s an online application form to highlight your key skills and experience. Once you’ve submitted your application, our recruitment team will screen your answers. If you are successful at this stage, you’ll then be invited to the next stage of the process.

2. Individual Interview or Group Assessment


Your Individual Interview or Group Assessment will take place in store with an Area Manager. You'll be asked a series of questions and scenarios relating to the job role you have applied for.

3. Aldi Store Experience

Following a successful interview you'll take part in the 'Aldi Store Experience' where you'll get the chance to observe the different tasks that you would be expected to complete in role.


You need to be conscientious, ambitious and able to do things without being asked. You should have bags of common sense and can take responsibility for yourself. For our Career Starter programme there are no entry requirements.

You can apply during your final year at school. However, you must be at least 16 and have received your exam results before you start on the Apprenticeship Programme.

We accept applications all year round and start dates can be flexible.

Search and apply here

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