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Parents/guardians and students are respectfully reminded that if you choose to come to Bishop Vaughan it is important you follow the requirements in respect of school dress and appearance. High standards in these areas support the school’s high reputation. Students failing to meet this expectation, without good reason, cannot expect to be allowed into their classes for lessons. Repeated failure to cooperate quickly becomes defiance of school authority and there is the likelihood of serious sanctions.


Please could parents/or guardians of students note that felt/fabric shoes, even if black in colour, are not considered suitable footwear for school. Please adhere to the footwear requirements as stipulated in the uniform dress code.

We have one style of uniform for Years 7 to 11 and a separate uniform for Sixth Form students. A full copy of the school uniform requirements can be found here


The school is most grateful to the vast majority of parents/guardians and students who cooperate and support us in these matters.

The school uniform can be purchased from a number of different suppliers.

Contact details can be found by following the links below:

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