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I am writing to you to introduce myself as the Chair of Governors for Bishop Vaughan Catholic School. My name is Cllr Sam Pritchard, and I have served a governor at Bishop Vaughan for a few years before being elected as Chair.


I am very proud to be a past pupil of Bishop Vaughan School and have a great love and debt for the role the school has played in my life. I became a governor partly because I was not ready to leave behind the organic sense of family.


However the main reason I wanted to become a governor of the school was to be as involved as possible in shaping a positive culture and environment for every child to grow and thrive as a person.


Now I’m not sure what you expect a Chair of Governors to be but I think it’s fair to assume I’m the opposite. Having not (too) long left Bishop Vaughan as a pupil I hope to bring energy, enthusiasm and a perspective that values the children above all. I never thought that at the age of 25 I could be a governor of the school let alone the Chair, but then I did have a very good education to prepare me.


Governors are appointed to ensure that the objectives and ethos of the school is upheld. We are all here to support and encourage the Headteacher, Senior leadership and every teaching and non teaching staff member. Hopefully the support and vision the governors provide help to provide the wide and varied educational richness the children deserve.


As Governors we have been continually amazed by the dedication and hard work of the pupils. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and carers who have diligently and faithfully supported and encouraged the children. Your support has helped these children to grow and develop, it has been so encouraging to see parents and carers taking such an active role.

Should you wish to contact me to discuss any matter, please do so by first contacting our Headteacher. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible throughout the year.


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