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We are writing on behalf of the pupils of Bishop Vaughan to welcome you into our school community; a community which we see as supportive, agapeic and diverse. 

Bishop Vaughan’s Mission Statement, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” is encompassed through the support that the school offers to every single student. During your time here, support is constantly offered allowing, not only the students to achieve their best results, but to also allow them to develop their God given gifts and talents which they can use to benefit other people within our school community, as well as those across the wider world. Bishop Vaughan is all about helping us reach our full potential, so, not matter what your level of capability, teachers are always at hand ready to provide additional support to anyone who needs it. However, it is not only the teachers who are supportive. Bishop Vaughan has a strong sense of community and other students are on hand to provide support, whether this be social or academic. Over the past year, Bishop Vaughan has demonstrated on several occasions how supportive we are. Online lessons, weekly tutorial catch-ups and mental-health sessions hosted through TEAMS are just a few examples of how Bishop Vaughan continues to support their students.


Bishop Vaughan also as a strong sense of agapè. Within the Bishop Vaughan community there is a vast variety of faiths, spiritualities and nationalities, which we are so lucky to have. With our pupil voice forums, students can voice their opinions about the matters that mean most to them, and then, as a school community and with the leadership of our Sixth Form Team, we try our best to put these ideas into place, to make sure that our students have the most enjoyable experience here at Bishop Vaughan.   

Outside of academia Bishop Vaughan offers a vast array of extra-curricular activities. Whether you are interested in the preforming arts, sports, ethos-related events, the sciences or reading, Bishop Vaughan has got you covered. It does not matter if this is your first time getting involved, you are more than welcome to try them out. Through doing these activities you can grow as a person, develop new skills, and put your God given gifts and talents to good use. 

As a Catholic School, the Gospel Values are woven into everything that we do. Our Catholic Ethos is clearly seen through our charity group, where each year several events take place throughout the year, for different charities. The generosity of our students is seen through these events, where they give up both their time and money to support great causes and get involved with our events. As a school we try to live our lives as examples of Christ, helping those who need our help, accepting everybody for who they are and being part of a community who seeks justice for all, as we believe we are all made in the image and likeness of God and deserve equal treatment and respect. 

Bishop Vaughan offers so much to each student, and each experience is unique to them, but there is something that underlies everybody’s experience here – that is a strong sense of community and brilliant atmosphere.  



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