One of the greatest things about Bishop Vaughan is the support that they offer, both academically and in many other ways, too. We know that we have been able to reach our full potential here in all of our subjects, and it is true that the staff here all want the best for you. They don’t only care about getting the top marks for their subject, but they want to see every pupil here succeed and do their very best, and it makes for a very positive working environment. Whatever your dream is, whether it is to be a doctor or a lawyer, to work with your hands practically or to become a professional sportsman or musician - even if you don’t know what you want to do yet, this school can help you achieve any goal that you set for yourself.

We love that this is a Catholic school, and Faith comes through in all aspects of life here at Bishop Vaughan. There is a real sense of community here, and everyone is treated equally. Pupils can have their say in many aspects of the school; we have had the chance to be on the charity team for many years now, and it is brilliant to see the generous nature of everyone here, giving up time and money to support great causes.

What makes Bishop Vaughan stand out are the opportunities that they present. There are plenty of new things to get involved with, such as sports teams, music and performing arts, choir, maths and science competitions, book clubs and much more. There are also opportunities for growth, ways to develop yourself and give back to the community. Examples of these are leadership opportunities in the school council and many pupil committees. There are also mentoring roles and volunteering opportunities.

This summer’s exam results, the fact that many of our pupils have excelled in sports and the knowledge that Bishop Vaughan strives to encourage every single student to reach their goals and achieve their full potential are what we have truly valued about being students here. This school has a brilliant atmosphere, excellent teachers, a strong community, and countless opportunities. We have thoroughly enjoyed spending seven years of our lives here at Bishop Vaughan and we're sure you will too.