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Welcome to the Business Department! For students to take their first steps towards a new career they need the right blend of technical and academic skills in order to become the highly skilled work-ready individuals employers and universities look for. Business BTEC Level 3 is a vocational qualification designed to help students succeed. It has been developed in collaboration with over 5,000 universities, employers and professional bodies with employability at the heart, so you can develop the skills and confidence you will need to step into your future.


The course has been designed to meet the expectations of universities and employers by providing students a business working environment experience.



Students will gain in depth theoretical knowledge but also have the opportunity to apply it to practical and real life scenarios. The course gives an insight into the features of an enterprise, what makes them successful, organisation of business markets, business environments and looking at the role and contribution of innovation and technology.


The two year course comprises of mandatory and optional units in Year 1 and Year 2. These units spilt into externally and externally assessed units.


Units studied are:

Exploring Business

Developing a Marketing Campaign

Personal and Business Finance

One additional unit chosen at the end of year 2

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