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All Smiles for GCSE Results Day

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Excited chatter and smiling faces filled the hall this morning at Bishop Vaughan as pupils collected their GCSE results. One delighted student, Marvel Biju gained 4 A*s, 7As, 1 B and a distinction in additional mathematics, stating ‘I am very pleased with my results. All the help and guidance from all my teachers helped me to achieve my grades. I could not have done it without the amazing teachers. Thank you Bishop Vaughan‘. A jubilant Hind Alhmaqdisi added, ‘Three years ago I could not speak any English but with the help of school and with hard work I achieved all A and A* grades. I am looking forward to continuing my studies at Bishop Vaughan’s sixth form.’

A smiling Daniel Felton commented ‘I am extremely happy that all the hard work has paid off obtaining 5A*, 4As, 4 Bs and a distinction in additional mathematics. I am now continuing to sixth form and am so grateful to my teachers for their fantastic support.’

Ayoub Ghattas  gained all A* and 2As and Ffion Williams gained 4A*3As and 3 Bs.

Headteacher Mrs Emma Pole said ‘We are very pleased that so many of our pupils have achieved highly in their examinations. There are some exceptional performers again this year. The achievements of the pupils are the result of sustained effort invested over the course of their studies and this is a time for them to celebrate the fruits of their hard work. On behalf of the staff and Governing Body I congratulate them and their families.

We are also very proud that so many pupils have chosen to continue their studies at our successful sixth form. Many people have congratulated us recently on the excellent outcomes secured by our sixth form students. Our sixth form is an inclusive and close community with a clear focus on everyone making the most of their God-given talents in order to achieve to the very best of their ability. We take pride in both the academic and vocational courses we offer and also that pupils can combine these study routes if they wish.

We welcome warmly pupils from not just our own school, but also from other schools in the city which contributes to the distinctive vibrant and productive atmosphere that characterises our sixth form. Our students grow to be learned and wise citizens with a strong sense of belonging. For anyone interested in joining our sixth form, please contact the school at any time. ‘

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