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BVS Pupils Participate in Competitive Summer Schools, Internships and Work Experience Placements

Year 11 and 12 pupils at BVS have obtained places at a number of prestigious and highly sought after summer schools, internships and work experience schemes.

In Year 11, Sofia and Will have been offered places on the Christ’s College Residential Summer School at Cambridge University. Sofia and Will were competing against over 600 other applicants for just 120 places.

Also in year 11, Alwin and Ffion have won scholarships to attend a Medicine Summer School at University College London Hospital, one of the leading medical training universities in the country. Alwin and Ffion were given the scholarships by the Mullany Fund, one of the organisations the school works with closely.

In Year 12, a number of high achieving students are currently attending UNIQ summer schools. UNIQ is run by Oxford University and offers in-depth and challenging summer schools for the most able pupils.

Giezl, Ola and Chloe  in Year 12 will be completing Nuffield Research Placements over the summer. These are prestigious placements in universities and industry where students undertake real-life research. Giezl will be working in the Psychology department at Cardiff University, Ola will be conducting Chemistry research at Swansea University and Chloe will be completing a Biomedical research placement.

Megan in Year 12 has obtained a place on an accountancy internship with KPMG, one of the leading accountancy firms in the UK. Megan applied for the scheme through the Social Mobility Fund. She is the first BVS student to access the SMF internship scheme.

These pupils were directed to the appropriate schemes and supported in their applications as part of the school’s programme for more able and talented pupils. BVS has specific staff who work with more able pupils and ensure they have the support required to apply for competitive universities and courses.


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