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Headteacher’s Blog Post – Saturday 9th February 2019

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

All across the school were delighted when the school categories were announced by Welsh Government at the end of January. Following the categorisation process in November we have been pleased to be categorised as a Green A school, this representing the highest position within the process. The awarding of this category is based upon pupil outcomes and school leadership, therefore it is a testament to every pupil, every parent, every professional working within the school and every Governor that pupils are fulfilling their potential.

Central to all that we do is our consciousness of the scripture reading “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” So many of our pupils are evidently doing this, by excelling academically as well as growing in faith, maturity and the characteristics we outline in our ‘Bishop Vaughan Pupil Profile.’

It was also a privilege to be asked to share some of our work in promoting attainment for all at a recent meeting of all primary and secondary headteachers. In reflecting on the opportunities that our pupils have taken up so enthusiastically, from Learning Zone to Kintbury retreats and from sports and science workshops to University masterclasses,  Rome pilgrimages and choir tours, the energy and talent that we witness in them as their teachers is truly humbling.

We want each of our pupils to leave their education with us ready to ‘fly’ and, with a picture painting a thousand words, as the saying goes, this idea finds no better expression than in this painting, completed by Adam, a very talented former student:

Llongyfarchiadau, to every one of our pupils, each of whom has been instrumental in making ours a Green A school of which we can all be proud!

Mrs Pole


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