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Letter to Parents: Covid-19 Update, 22nd May 2020

Updated: May 23, 2020

Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of the first half of the summer term, your teachers and I would like to say well done on the excellent work that you have been completing. We are always delighted to see your work and your messages on Teams, on your emails to us, etc., and it is clear that some of you are really exploring your creative talents too during this time.

Next week should be a half-term break for you, so as in our message to you at Easter, we encourage you to take a break from ‘new’ learning in this time. Holidays are spaced throughout the year in more normal circumstances to give appropriate breaks and allow you to focus on your wellbeing, your time with family and your hobbies. They form an important part of helping us keep a sense of the ‘rhythm’ of our year and that is particularly important at a time like this, where one day can seem “so much like another”, to quote Dylan Thomas! That said, holidays often present an opportunity to catch up on work and to consolidate learning if you have missed something or found it difficult. Should you need to re-visit topics over the next week, then, you can still access everything that you will need to on Teams.

You will also have the chance over the next week to look at ways of deepening and broadening your knowledge of the topics and areas that interest you most. We would normally have visited the Hay Festival this week, but the good news is that the programme is online this year. Better still, it can be accessed retrospectively too, so if you have missed a talk by a favourite author, you will be able to access it on ‘Hay Player’:

We’d also be really pleased to see your submissions for the anthology and design competition referenced on page 6 and 7 of our recent newsletter:

We would like to remind parents, carers and older siblings of our current pupils that we are very keen to hear from all former pupils who have gone on to pursue careers in the medical and care sectors. We invite them to get in touch with us to tell us where they are currently working and, if they are happy to do so, to allow us to note their contribution on our BVS/NHS Heroes tribute by including their name and role within it. As mentioned in my last letter, it is notable that, year-on-year, a huge proportion of our pupils move on to Higher Education and careers in this sector and we would like to recognise the enormous contribution that they are making. Should they be happy for us to do this, details can be sent to

Your teachers and I miss seeing each of you every day and have put together a message to you here:

We keep you all in our prayers each day and send our best wishes for your continued safety and good health.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Pole



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