Letter to Parents: Covid-19 Update, 2nd April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,


As you are aware, our schools have been working together to provide emergency childcare for key workers who are now supporting essential services throughout this national crisis. All educational provision has been suspended to allow for this. These provisions are called Emergency Childcare Settings.

Our cluster – the five Catholic schools across the city – has been working responsively and flexibly to meet the level of need identified. As indicated to you in our letter of 27th March, on careful analysis of those requiring and entitled to this emergency provision, our schools have phased this provision towards becoming a three setting provision.

From Monday 6th April, the Emergency Childcare Settings will be located at:

  • Bishop Vaughan Catholic Comprehensive School

For the children of parents eligible for emergency childcare from

- Bishop Vaughan (pupils aged 11-14 only)

- St. Joseph’s Cathedral School pupils aged 3-11

- St. Joseph’s (Clydach) pupils aged 3-11

  • St. Illtyd’s Primary School

For pupils from St. Illtyd’s primary school aged 3-11 plus those with siblings in Bishop Vaughan (aged 11-14)

  • St. David’s Catholic Primary School

Please note: Parents who would normally seek provision at St. David’s are asked to utilise the booking form provided by the school; the school will contact parents to advise in response to the level of need identified.

We would ask you, if at all possible, to use the Emergency Childcare Request Booking Form which for all of the settings is accessible here:


This will allow us to ensure that there is sufficient provision.

Our priority is to keep all children and young people safe, and by extension, you, their families, as well as the staff and their own families – especially those who will be in regular contact with the children accessing this provision, and especially as current Government guidelines prohibit gatherings larger than two people who are not from the same household under all other circumstances because of the risks presented.

We therefore thank parents for their understanding regarding the access and entitlement to these provisions. The restrictions around these are entirely based on the fact that all advice to us states that the safest place for your child is at home. In practical terms, every additional person with whom your family has contact presents a risk to you at this time. Our priority is, therefore, to ensure that these Emergency Childcare Settings operate only for those currently involved in the critical work to present loss of life in our communities, and even then, only for the hours in which they are carrying out this work and where there is no safer option available to them in terms of the care of their children. Any non-essential use of this provision increases the risk to the health of your own child and that of the whole community.

For those parents bringing the children to the Emergency Childcare Setting for the first time, please be advised that: