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Letter to Parents: Free School Meal Parcels, 23rd April 2020

Dear Parent/ Carer,

As you will be aware, those children that are eligible for free school meals have been able, during the period of school closure, to access ‘grab and go’ bags each day containing a packed lunch. Many of you have been collecting these each day and deliveries have been made by staff where needed.

From Monday 27th April, the Local Authority are changing this system by moving over to weekly food parcels. These will be offered to every child eligible for free school meals, therefore if you have two eligible children, you will receive two packs, etc. These will be made up for collection from the school between 12 noon and 1.00pm on Mondays each week. This is intended to reduce the number of occasions on which it will be necessary for you to make the journey to the school.

We would be grateful if you could indicate on the linked form whether you would like to take up this offer of a weekly food parcel (the grab and go bags will be discontinued as of Friday 24th April). You are not obliged to take up this offer however we would encourage you to do so if you are entitled to it. We are unable to confirm the contents of the parcels to you at this stage as they are being arranged centrally via the Local Authority, but it is expected that they will contain bread, tinned goods, etc.

If you have one or more children in Bishop Vaughan, you are able to use this form to request meals for any siblings in primary schools also, regardless of the primary school which they attend.

If you would like to take up this offer but are unable to pick up your parcel(s), you can also indicate this on the linked form and arrangements will be made for staff volunteers to deliver these to you.

We need to know as a matter of urgency if you would like to take up this offer for next week; we therefore request that you complete the linked form immediately on receipt of this message and by 8am tomorrow morning (Friday 24th April) at the latest. This will enable the Local Authority to make the necessary arrangements.

With very best wishes to you all at this challenging time; we hope that you are all keeping safe and well –

Mrs Pole



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