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The Masterclass Programme Returns

Bishop Vaughan School's innovative Masterclass Programme has returned for its fifth year.

The Masterclass Programme is run in collaboration with the Step Up to Swansea University scheme and sees a weekly lectures and workshops in school, delivered

by academics and researchers from the university. The masterclasses focus on topics that are not typically on the school curriculum and have covered topics including games design, eco-engineering, robotics, urban architecture and cultural history. The masterclasses offer BVS pupils insight into cutting edge research and an awareness of the practical application of the subjects studied. Bishop Vaughan is the only school in Swansea to run such a programme. The value of the Masterclass Programme has been recognised by other schools in South Wales who are now emulating our model.

The programme has now been running for five highly successful years and the masterclasses have provided inspiration and knowledge to hundreds of pupils. To mark the fifth anniversary of the programme, a weekly prize draw is being held which all attendees will be entered in.


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