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Welsh Youth Parliament Elections 2018

Two Year 9 Pupils, Luc Gode and Ruth Sibayan, have put themselves forward for the first ever election of the Welsh Youth Parliament. There are only 60 places and nearly 500 candidates. They need your help in the form of votes!

Luc is running as a candidate for Swansea West and Ruth is running as a candidate for Swansea East. Both candidates have statements on the Welsh Youth Parliament website.

In order to vote for either Luc or Ruth, it is vital that you go on the Welsh Youth Parliament website  and register to vote. It is a simple procedure and you can use either your school or personal email address to register. You will then be e-mailed a unique voter code that will allow you to vote for the candidate of your choice.

It is vital that you register to vote by November 16th.

Alternatively, many of you registered to vote by filling out a form during the School Enrichment Fair in September. If you did, check your e-mails and you should already have your unique voter code and can vote immediately!

If you need access to a computer to register to vote, please come to C4, C5, C6 and C7 at any point during lunchtime and the teachers in these rooms will help you.

Overall voting closes on November 25th.


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