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WLCOW Schools Award 2021 Presented to Bishop Vaughan Sixth Form Student

Ayoub Ghattas, our Head Boy from 2020-2021, has been presented with the WLCOW Schools Award that recognises outstanding students. We are extremely proud of Ayoub who joined us in Year 7 back in 2014. During his time at Bishop Vaughan, Ayoub has always been a highly motivated and well-respected student. He is polite, hardworking, caring, courteous, respectful, and reliable. He shows an exceptionally mature attitude towards his learning and is keen to develop his knowledge and understanding in any way that he can. He has successfully applied to study Pharmacy at Swansea University, having achieved A* in Mathematics, A* in Chemistry and A* in Biology at A level.

Ayoub is an excellent communicator and is always willing and keen to participate fully in whatever challenges he faces. He works well as a member of a team as well as showing outstanding leadership potential.

All staff who know Ayoub agree that it has been a pleasure to teach him. All of us at Bishop Vaughan will miss him dearly as a student and we wish him all the best for his future.

Mr L. Boucher-Hamon

Director of Sixth Form


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