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Year 7 Humanities PBL Day Trips

Year 7 pupils went on a number of trips last week as part of their Humanities Problem Based Learning (PBL) Day.

The Humanities PBL Days offer pupils the opportunity to learn more about Wales and its history, culture and landscape through visits to Oxwich Bay, Big Pit Coal Mining Museum and St Fagan’s Museum. Across Years 7, 8 and 9, pupils will get the chance to visit each site and learn about Wales from different perspectives.

At St Fagan’s Museum, pupils had the chance to learn about living conditions, education, religion and entertainment in Wales across different time periods. The pupils were able to compare modern Wales to Wales in the past and identify some of the major changes that occurred. Pupils were particularly fascinated when learning about the popularity of blood sports as entertainment in the Middle Ages. 

The pupils behaved well on all three trips and were excellent ambassadors for the school. Pupils and staff enjoyed their trips and looking forward to their next Humanities PBL Day in Year 8.


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