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Shw'mae a chroeso i'r Adran Gymraeg! Hello and welcome to the Welsh Department!


Welsh is a key feature of our culture in Wales and it’s an important part our identity. Learning Welsh provides additional opportunities both in school and in the workplace. The number of Welsh speakers is increasing, and the aim is to have a million speakers in Wales by the year 2050 – Miliwn Cymraeg.



Year 7

Pupils develop the skills of expressing opinion, describing, questioning and comparing through the teaching of Fi ac Ysgol (Myself and school), Ffrindiau, Teulu ac Enwogion (Friends, Family and Celebrities), Amser Hamdden (Leisure Time) and Atyniadau Cymru a Gwyliau (Welsh attractions and Holidays).

Year 8

Pupils start the year learning the topic Trefn Ddyddiol (Daily Routine) where they learn how to form the past tense and learn how to speak and write chronologically. They then reinforce the skills learned in Year 7 through the topics Siopa a Ffasiwn (Shopping & Fashion), Cymru a'r Byd (Wales and the World) and Technoleg Fodern (Modern Technology). The topic Cymru a'r Byd provides good opportunity for pupils to learn about Welsh history and culture.

Year 9

The skills taught in Year 7 and 8 are reinforced and pupils are afforded the opportunity to show off these language skills through assessments undertaken on the topics Yr Ardal Leol (The Local Area) and Byw'n Iach (Healthy Living). The assessment style and grammar booklet studied in the Summer term set the pupils up well for GCSE Welsh.



GCSE full course Welsh is compulsory for all pupils in Wales. There are no tiers for this course and pupils are able to achieve grades ranging from an A*- U, depending on ability and effort. The course is delivered across Years 10 and 11. In Year 10 pupils complete 25% of the GCSE by sitting a speaking exam in the spring term. This is an unseen video clip where pupils have to work in small groups to discuss the contents of the video clip orally. In Year 11, pupils sit the remaining 75% of the course, which consists of an additional speaking exam and two reading and writing papers.


Throughout the course, pupils develop the following skills:

a) Express opinions

b) Make comparisons

c) Ask and answer questions

d) Describe places and others.


These skills are enhanced throughout the delivery of the 3 main themes of the course - Wales and the World, Employment and Youth.

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