Parents and guardians are encouraged to conduct their online shopping through the Easyfundraising link or via their mobile app.


Once the app is downloaded, we ask that you select Bishop Vaughan Catholic School as your chosen charity. After that, you go through the app to access websites such as Amazon, and many more and do your shopping as normal.


You will not be charged any extra, but a percentage of your spend is then donated to Bishop Vaughan. Everything else is as normal, you just access the shopping website through Easyfundraising and help raise funds that will benefit the school community.


At Bishop Vaughan Catholic School, we have had many former students who have gone on to have successful careers in a diverse range of fields.


Click here to go to our dedicated alumni page.


If you would like to be featured on this page, please contact Mr. L McKay:


Bishop Vaughan Catholic School is creating a new Parent Teacher Association (PTA).


We need parents to take up several positions, including the Chair, the Treasurer and others. A PTA is a great way to bring together parents, teachers and our local community to raise funds and to support the school.  



For more information please contact Mr L. McKay: