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Welcome to the Geography Department! Geography is a diverse subject that covers a whole array of disciplines, from accient rock landforms to modern day migration routes and volcanic eruptions. A news story can hit our screens and we can be studying it in the classroom the next day! Geography is known for its transferable skills and therefore is an excellent choice for GCSE or A-Level. It is also a very popular Degree course. To use the words of Michael Palin 'Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future.'


CfW Topics

1. Explorers

In this topic we discover the world in which we live in. We find and locate amazing places around the world and investigate the geography of our world.

2. Cynefin

This topic looks into all things 'Wales'. We look at our school grounds and the geography of Swansea before delving deeper into Welsh landscapes and landmarks.

3. Our Moving World

This topic explores continental drift, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.



CfW Topics

1. Brazil

We investgate the location and geography of Brazil as well as focusing on the tropical rainforests. We discover the uniqueness of the ecosystem as well as the human impact on it.


2. Population & Migration

World population data is analysed and explained. Different types of migration and global migration routes are studied before looking specifically at migration from Mexico to USA.

3. Environmental Issues

Students investigate the environmental quality of our school site before looking at wider contemporary global environmental challenges.




CfW Topics

1. Tourism

The global pattern of tourism is studied followed by the positive and negative impacts of mass tourism. Eco-Tourism is explored as a potential solution to meet global sustainable development goals.

2. Tectonics

This topic explores continental drift, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

3. GCSE Course

Physical Landscapes Unit on river/coastal processes and landforms.


We follow the WJEC GCSE Geography course. This is a linear course, which means all external assessments are carried out in Year 11.


The course is spilt into three units:


Unit 1: Landscapes and Physical processes, Rural-Urban Links and Tectonic Landscapes and Hazards.

Unit 2: Weather, Climate & Ecosystems, Development and Resource Issues and Social Development.

Unit 3: Fieldwork NEA. There are two essential field trips that are assessed in the November of Year 11.




AS Geography follows the WJEC Specification. There are two units which are both assessed externally in the summer of Year 12.


Unit 1: Changing landscapes - coasts and tectonics.

Unit 2: Changing Places and fieldwork.


We are required to carry out two pieces of fieldwork in Year 12 and both of these are assess as part of the Unit 2 examination.


A2 Geography also follows the WJEC Specification. There are three units in this second year of A-Level Geography.


Unit 3: Global Systems and Global Governance.

Unit 4: Contemporary Geographical Themes - ecosystems and sub-Saharan Africa.

Unit 5: Independent investigation.


Pupils are required to write a 4000 word report on a geographical topic area of their choice.


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