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Welcome to our very popular and successful health and social care department. We have been delivering this subject for over 30 years and are proud to offer pupils their first step on a career pathway in health, social care and early years education. Many of our former students are now successful nurses, midwives, social workers, occupational therapists, teachers and early years workers. Pupils study a broad range of topics within the health and social care sector. They learn about the way these services are provided in Wales and the key legislation that underpins the delivery of care to promote health and wellbeing.


At GCSE learners gain knowledge and understanding of human development across the life cycle and ways in which this is affected and how early intervention can support healthy development and outcomes for a child. We are fortunate to be able to offer this subject at sixth form and our brand new course Health and Social care Principles and Context of care is proving to be very popular with current pupils.



GCSE Health, Social care and Childcare


Unit 1: Human Growth and Development 

This is externally examined which is worth 40% of the qualification. 


Unit 2: Promoting and Maintaining Health and Wellbeing

This is assessed by two NEAs which are worth 60% of the qualification.




Years 12 and 13 - Certificate in Health and Social care: Principles and Context.


This two year course is equivalent to one A level.


Unit 1: Principles of Care

This is assessed by NEA which is worth 25% of the qualification.

Unit 2: Factors affecting individual's growth and development across the lifespan

 This is externally examined which is worth 50% of the qualification. 

Unit 3: The rights of individuals 

This is assessed by NEA which is worth 25% of the qualification.

Health Care
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