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Headteacher's Blog Post - Saturday 23rd March 2019

As we continue into the season of Lent, many of our pupils have given up various things or fasted to some degree as part of their preparations for Easter. During recent assemblies, I have shared the following poem with them as part of our discussion about the ‘spiritual spring clean’ that Lent can offer.

This short and simple poem, ‘Abstinence’, reminds us about what we could give up during Lent if we are to have a spiritual spring clean, and about what we can strive for instead:

Today I’ll give up grumbling and complaining, Instead I’ll be thankful for all that I have. Today I’ll quit worrying about the ‘if onlys’ and ‘what ifs’ of my life, Instead I’ll trust that God knows and cares even for me. Today I’ll stop criticizing all those around me, Instead I’ll take a good, long look at my own faults. Today I’ll refuse to use the words ‘I’m bored!’ Instead I’ll be grateful for my mind, education, the opportunity to learn. Today I’ll give up speaking unkindly and negatively, Instead I’ll make an effort to use positive words and to encourage. Today I’ll stay away from my phone, my computer, screens– Instead I’ll treasure every moment with my family and my friends.

Our assemblies have ended with a similarly simple prayer, in addition to those that form our daily Act of Worship -

Dear God, We are approaching Easter time, a time when we will hear again of all that Jesus resisted and gave up for us.

Help us to take time to look and consider how we want to live our lives.


We remain focused, then, on our preparations for Easter.

It was an honour this week to be appointed to the post of Headteacher substantively following a two day interview process. Although I have had the privilege of carrying out this role in an acting capacity since 2016, it is nevertheless exciting to take on this role ‘officially’ and to have the opportunity to continue working with our exceptional pupils, parents, staff and Governors to ensure that that our school moves from strength to strength, united by our shared ethos and focused on enabling each learner entrusted to us to “have life and have it to the full.” I thank our Governors for the trust that has been placed in me and look forward to the work ahead.

Mrs Pole


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