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Robotics Masterclass at BVS

The Masterclass Programme has launched for this academic year, starting with a masterclass on robotics and automation.

Dr Chris Griffiths, a senior Engineering lecturer at Swansea University, visited the school to deliver a mini-lecture on the history and future of robots. He discussed the limits on the use of robots, as well as explaining some of the advances in robot technology over the last few decades. Dr Griffiths also bought in examples of robotics equipment for our students to examine, including a Japanese robot that recognises users and can respond to them verbally.

The Masterclass Programme is now in its 4th year and is part of a unique partnership with Swansea University. Each week, lecturers and researchers from Swansea University visit BVS and deliver talks and workshops to our students on a range of subject areas. All students in Years 9 to 13 are welcome to attend.


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