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A Tribute to Mr Brumby, Colleague and Teacher: Requiescat in Pace

We have been deeply saddened as a school community by the sudden and unexpected loss of a dear colleague and highly respected teacher, Mr Bob Brumby.

As many visitors to this site will be aware, Mr Brumby started his teaching career at Bishop Vaughan in 2000 and, during his time at the school as a teacher of Mathematics, he gained the respect and friendship of his colleagues, many of whom became close friends, and was held in very high regard too by his pupils. For many years, Mr Brumby was the Union Representative for the NASUWT, initially carrying out this role alongside his teaching, and latterly opting to work part-time and, whilst remaining an employee of the school, being wholly deployed on Union work in his capacity as a Regional Representative.

Whilst Mr Brumby had not been based at the school for some time, he was a frequent visitor to it. Mr Brumby's arrival on the site was always heralded by long-standing friends rushing over to see him, chat with him and exchange news; his visits were always full of humour, good cheer and laughter; Mr Brumby had a sharp wit! He was also always relentlessly positive, kind and keen to support others in any way that he could.

Mass has been offered for Mr Brumby here at the school and in several parishes across Swansea, and our community will continue to keep him in our prayers always.

Mrs Pole


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