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Letter to Year 7 Parents and Carers, 3rd March 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Changes to Year 7 Classes

To better meet the needs of our Year 7 learners and to support improvements with pupils’ reading across the curriculum, we are making some changes to the current composition of Year 7 classes. We are making changes at this point in the year as we now have more information about the skills and progress of our Year 7 pupils from their teachers. Pupils are also more established in secondary school at this point and usually respond positively to class changes, which support their academic progress. We have carefully considered a range of information and consequently a number of Year 7 pupils will move classes in order to support their learning more closely. This will also support additional stretch and challenge for pupils in lessons.

Changes to classes will take place from Monday 14th March 2022. Your child will have been informed this morning of the changes to classes by their tutor and also whether they will be personally involved in a change of class. Not all pupils will move classes.

Very importantly, the existing tutorial groups will remain unchanged so your child’s morning routine and the tutor with whom they have already built a relationship and indeed see daily, will remain the same ensuring continuity of pastoral support.

I would be grateful if you would kindly discuss these changes with your child and this would be especially important if they are directly involved in a class move. Should you have any questions or comments please be in touch, in the first instance, with the Head of Year 7, Ms Fry, via the following email

With best wishes,

Mrs Pole



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